Bedroom Remodeling

Is it time to update the bedrooms in your home?Upscale Master bedroom Suite Interior VCG Construction

Maybe you’re tired of waking up in the same old master bedroom, or maybe your kids are complaining that they’ve outgrown the designs of their rooms. If these situations sound familiar, you should call VCG Construction today. As the preferred Philadelphia construction company, we can redesign your bedrooms so that you and your family can fall in love with them again.


At VCG Construction we are home remodeling experts,  will help you brainstorm a design plan that fits both your style and your budget. We’ll be happy to give you our recommendations, but we’ll always give you the final say in every aspect of your remodeling project.


Nowadays, a lot of home remodeling contractors are dishonest about the cost of their customer’s projects. When making your budget, they’ll leave things out and then add them on at the end. Before you know it, your project ends up costing twice as much as you’d planned! With VCG Construction, you don’t have to worry about being double-crossed. Before we start remodeling, we’ll make a detailed, accurate estimate that includes everything. In fact, we guarantee that your final project cost will be at or even under our initial estimate.


VCG Construction believes that quality is essential to every remodeling project. That’s why we work with professionals such as Architects, and interior designers to get you quality products for reasonable prices. Whether you’re looking for stylish bunk beds for your kids or unique lighting for your master suite, we can turn those ideas in to a dream bedroom so beautiful you’ll have a hard time closing your eyes to get some sleep.


We here at VCG Construction like to think of ourselves as artists. We’ll take your vision and execute it with precise craftsmanship. Ultimately, we’ll turn your bedroom into a place where you love to be, as it should be.


Have we caught your attention? Call VCG Construction today at 888-936-7824 to start making use of our services:

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For bedroom remodeling on the Main Line, in Center City, or on the New Jersey Shore, VCG is the superior home remodeling contractor.