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Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid!

Avoid Remodelling Remorse by Brainstorming with Us

Any room you remodel should be a work of art that makes you feel happy whenever you set foot in it. Your friends and family should immediately say, “Wow!” (and possibly turn green with envy.) The intricate details of your rooms should each have a story that will be a joy for you to tell and for them to share. You don’t want to complete your remodel and feel the disappointment of, “I wish I had done that.”

When you work with us, you’ll have instant access to hundreds of creative design ideas and our expert designers who specialize in luxury home remodeling. Whether you are on the Main Line, Center City Philadelphia, or the New Jersey Shore, let us help you fall in love with your home for the second time.

Avoid Bait and Switch Budgets

You’ve heard the horror stories. Half way into a remodel, the contractor “finds something” that will increase the project cost by 40%. After weeks of time and thousands of dollars, the poor homeowner is now held hostage to a contractor that failed to create an accurate bid - or possibly intentionally bid low to get the job with the intent of “finding” a problem later. That’s wrong.

Anyone can give a rough estimate with a few lines of detail. We spend dozens of hours creating an extremely detailed budget so you don’t experience any surprises. In fact, as you’ll discover in the “Guarantees” section below, we promise that the final project cost will be at or even UNDER the hard budget estimate.

Beware Quality Cutting Shortcuts that Can Cost You More

Do you prefer Gourmet Cuisine or McDonalds? Ingredients matter and when it comes to the remodeling of your home, using anything but high quality materials can be a disaster and an embarrassment. The pieces of our gorgeous home renovations - especially kitchen redesigns - are intricately connected. If one fails over time or doesn’t fit, days or weeks of work may need to be redone. Moreover, the plethora of home decoration television shows means that your family, friends, and neighbors know quality materials from cabinets to countertops to fixtures so the cheap Home Depot brand won’t do for you.

Like Michelin trained chefs, we only use the highest quality materials and brands in our projects. We have a special relationship with suppliers and brands like Medallian, Kratsmaid, and Anderson. They’ll tip us off on everything from special batches of granite or stones with intricate patterns and special discounts on the hottest fixtures. Don’t you deserve the best?

You Only Get Once Chance at Perfection

There are few things worse than spending hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars only to feel like the remodeling work in your home has flaws. Crooked tile lines. Countertops slightly offset. Cabinet doors that don’t close with precision. And by then it’s too late to redo the work. You are stuck with it and if it’s a big error, possibly haunted by it and the fact that other people will notice.

Craftsmanship. That’s not usually a word associated with “contractor,” But, we approach our work as “artists” rather than “mechanics.” Not only is this a reason we don’t say things like, “Well, we won’t know until we get into it,” but it’s the reason that everything we do from architectural redesigns of entire homes to the tiniest drop of painting is completed with pinpoint accuracy. You know what “meticulous craftsmanship” looks like. Let us make sure your home is remodeled to your standard of perfection.

We Make Promises that Don't Have Fine Print

There are few guarantees in life and most of those made by businesses come with mind numbing paragraphs of small print written to undercut the guarantee. Contractors are notorious for bid and material bait and switch tactics and things like showing up late, not supervising subcontractors, and even hiring drug addicts.

We guarantee:

1. Brainstorming dozens of creative ideas with your final say on every detail of your project.

2. Final cost at or UNDER the hard bid.

3. Highest quality materials at the best price.

4. Meticulous work reviewed daily for quality control.

5. We only employ employees and subcontractors that communicate clearly.

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