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We show the #verycoolgang a reciprocating saw accessory that you won’t be able to live without after seeing what it can do. This reciprocating saw accessory is from DIABLO tools and what it can cut through is amazing. Diablo makes some of the best tool accessories on the market and this one is a must
We show the #verycoolgang some brand new DIABLO tools accessories that will change the jobsite forever! You will definitely be picking up some of these new sanding accessories from Diablo tools because they will make your job so much easier and faster. We test out 3 different sanding accessories on drywall to see how much
New FLEX Impact Driver VS Milwaukee GEN 3 TOOL TEST (You Won’t Believe This!) We put the Milwaukee Gen 3 M18 FUEL impact driver up against the new FLEX tools 24V impact driver and you won’t believe these results! You have been asking for a tool test between Milwaukee and Flex for awhile now, today