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milwaukee tool vcg construction
Milwaukee M12 CUT OFF Tool CUSTOMIZED Into A BELT SANDER! (Custom Conversion) In this video we show the #verycoolgang with the help of our special guest Crazy Mike how to customize your Milwaukee M12 FUEL 3″ Compact Cut Off Tool (2522-20) into a mini belt sander! Crazy Mike walks us through how he discovered this
milwaukee tool vcg construction
NEW MILWAUKEE M18 FUEL OSCILLATING MULTI TOOL (Most Powerful Ever Made) We show the #verycoolgang the brand new Milwaukee M18 FUEL oscillating multi tool which happens to be the most powerful oscillating multi tool ever made! We unbox and setup the new M18 FUEL multi tool from Milwaukee that also comes with a OPEN-LOK™ 1-3/8″
New Milwaukee PACKOUT Customizable Work Top IS NOT WHAT I EXPECTED! In this video we show the #verycoolgang the all new Milwaukee PACKOUT Customizable Work Top (48-22-8488) and how it is not what I expected at all! The new Milwaukee PACKOUT customizable work top comes with marine grade hardwood installed but we show you a
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NEW Milwaukee Tool PACKOUT DRAWER boxes FINALLY LAUNCH TODAY! (January 2021) The Milwaukee Tool Packout 2 and 3 drawer Toolboxes have finally launched this January 2021 and are available for pre-Order. They will sell out quick, so don’t miss out! Shop our affiliates for the best Tool Deals and VCG Construction may earn a commission: