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When you’re doing something as big and exciting as remodeling, you want to make sure you don’t regret your decisions. After all, not only are you making a big investment; you’re going to live with your remodel day in and day out. Thankfully, there are some sure steps you can take to avoid remodeling remorse.

If you’re anything like us, you couldn’t be happier to be packing away the snow blower and taking out the lawn chairs. The summer of 2016 is officially on its way! That means there’s no time like the present to install a deck or make repairs or additions to the deck you already have. These

We’re always looking to help our clients stick to their budgets, but we also want to ensure they achieve their dreams for their homes. Even if your budget doesn’t allow for a large-scale project, there are plenty of smaller-scale options you can choose instead. In this blog, check out three examples of value-based remodeling projects

When it comes to home remodeling, the differences between an amateur job and an amazing one are vast. While it can be tempting to choose the cheapest contractor around to save money—or take on the project yourself—the fact is your project could be missing some key qualities if you do. So, what constitutes an amazing

The weather’s warming up! Time to start thinking about your backyard again. Like many homeowners, maybe you’re thinking about building a deck or a patio so you can enjoy the sun this summer. After all, an outdoor living space can be a great spot for cooking, hosting parties, or just relaxing in the fresh air.

Think of how much you’ll save on movie tickets with a home theater of your own! Not to mention the parties you can throw for your family and friends. And you can screen the latest season of your Netflix obsession in epic proportions. We have even more reasons it’s time to build your dream home

Now that winter’s behind us, hopefully you’re starting to think about plans for spring and summer. Is bathroom remodeling part of your plans? If so, you probably have some misconceptions related to the process and cost of bathroom remodeling. Lots of people do! If bathroom remodeling is on your list of things to do this

We don’t mean to strike terror into your heart but…TAX SEASON IS HERE. Hopefully, you’ve been saving your receipts and paperwork so TurboTax will be a breeze this year. While looking over your finances, maybe you find yourself contemplating what kinds of home renovations you should undertake in the coming fiscal year. If you want

You had the best intentions… but they amounted to the worst results. It’s a home repair gone terribly wrong. Don’t let this happen to you! From the Very Cool Guys (some Philadelphia contractors you should add to your phone’s contacts), here are five common home improvement mistakes and how to avoid them! Painting Your Exterior

If you’ve been keeping up with the news, you might have read last week about the home improvement contractor problem in New Jersey. According to the Associated Press, the state attorney general’s office issued violation notices against 223 home improvement contractors in 2015. The attorney general is seeking more than $2.56 million in penalties. That’s