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Siding Renovations
Siding is one of those home features you might not think about very often, but when it comes to curb appeal, few features make a bigger impact! Your siding is probably the first thing people notice about your home. Its color, quality, and cleanliness distinguish your home’s style, and if the siding is grimy or
Age in place prevent falls
As you might know, home remodeling is on the rise this year, and some of the most popular projects involve age-in-place renovations. Rather than sell, many Baby Boomers are planning to stay in their current homes as they get older, which means they need to make some changes to ensure their homes stay livable through
Remodeling Priorities on a Budget
Prioritizing remodeling choices on a budget can be one of the most difficult parts of the project! After all, there’s so much you’d like to do, and all of it seems important. How can you possibly choose between updating the bathrooms and finishing the basement? We completely understand. Luckily, we often work with homeowners remodeling
Healthy backyard living space
These days, being health-conscious about remodeling is definitely in style. With more people choosing to age in place than ever, it’s important to build your home in a way that contributes to your wellness through the years. A backyard living space, like a deck or patio, not only creates an amazing spot to hang out;