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CRAFTSMAN needed to step up their production because tradespeople, carpenters and contractors that use drill drivers and impact drivers had been requesting one of the most useful, inexpensive tool accessories made previously by DeWalt. The #VeryCoolGang has been asking us for a status update on this widely used tool accessory and in this video we
MOST REQUESTED tool Comparison video EVER! DeWALT’S New Atomic 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Cordless Impact Driver (DCF850P1) Compared To Milwaukee Tools M18 Fuel 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless 1/4 in. Hex Impact Driver (2853-20) has been the MOST REQUESTED tool Comparison video EVER! We give you all the specifications, then driver different size screws, lags, and wood
The #VeryCoolGang give you a first look at the annual PROvember #ToolDeals on FLEX, DEWALT, Metabo hpt, kobalt, and Bosch power tools! The #VeryCoolGang give you a first look at the annual PROvember #ToolDeals on FLEX, DEWALT, Metabo hpt, kobalt, and Bosch power tools that begin 11/28/2021 so all you small business owners, contractors ,
Bosch Revolutionary New Laser Technology FIRST IN INDUSTRY! Bosch tools has revolutionized the tool industry once again with the green laser technology! We give you all the specification and demonstrations for Bosch 200 ft. Green 360-Degree Laser Level Self Leveling with Visimax Technology GLL3-300G and the Bosch BLAZE 165 ft. Green Laser Distance Tape Measuring
Through the most scientific and Extreme tool testing comparison which includes, vacuuming sawdust from low pile carpet, vacuuming sand from rubber jobsite style mats, and a water pull test. We answer which M18 powered wet/dry vacuum is the best Milwaukee M18 Cordless 2 Gallon Wet/Dry HEPA Vacuum (0880-20) or Milwaukee M18 FUEL PACKOUT 18-Volt Lithium-Ion
Every TRADESPERSON SHOULD HAVE This Klein Tool! The #VeryCoolGang knows that safety should always be first that why the new Klein Tools Rechargeable Thermal Imager (#TI250) should be an #electrical #tool that every tradesman should have! Always check local building codes, and hire a qualified Electrician before attempting any work on high voltage, low voltage,
DeWALT made a huge announcement, the DEWALT POWERSTACK 20V MAX Compact Battery! DeWALT made a huge announcement, the DEWALT POWERSTACK 20V MAX Compact Battery, this array of pouch battery cells instead of traditional cylindrical lithium ion battery cells Changes the Power Tool Industry forever. We give you all the specifications and talk about price, giving
These MAKITA TOOLS Will CHANGE the Way YOU Work FOREVER! The #VeryCoolGang share three tools in action, the 36V (18V X2) LXT 1″ SDS‑PLUS Rotary Hammer, 36V (18V X2) LXT Brushless 1‑9/16″ Advanced AVT SDS‑MAX Rotary Hammer (XRH07ZKU) and the life saving 36V (18V X2) LXT Brushless Shear Wrench (XTW01PT) that will change the way
One of the #VeryCoolGang sent over a very peculiar picture that shows what seemed to be the usual Tool Kit but once I took a closer look it revealed that Lithium Polymer pouch cells One of the #VeryCoolGang sent over a very peculiar picture that shows what seemed to be the usual Tool Kit but
Top 10 Tools In Action from Milwaukee, DeWALT, Makita, Knipex, and Ridgid for 2022! We show the #VeryCoolGang the 10 10 newest Milwaukee, Dewalt, Makita, Knipex, and Ridgid in action for 2022! let us know in the comments your 10 ten favorite power tools for 2021 and moving in to 2022!
The #VeryCoolGang asked us to run tool tests and comparisons of DeWALT’S ATOMIC 20V MAX* 1/4 IN. BRUSHLESS CORDLESS 3-SPEED IMPACT DRIVER (DCF850P1) against its predecessor the DeWALT 20V MAX* XR® 1/4″ 3-SPEED IMPACT DRIVER KIT (DCF887D2). We drive wood screws in to lumber, drive lag fasteners, and drill 1 inch holes using diablo’s self
We share our Top 3 NEW BOSCH Profactor Cordless Tools for 2022! The #VeryCoolGang has all three of these bosch profactor tools in hand and put them to the test! in this video you get to see the Bosch PROFACTOR 18V SDS-Plus 1-1/4″ Rotary Hammer (GBH18V-34CQN), Bosch GBH18V-36CK24 PROFACTOR 18V Cordless SDS-max 1-9/16 In. Rotary
DeWALT tools Releases NEW built from the Ground Up ATOMIC Compact Series 20V MAX 1/4-In. 3-Speed Impact Driver (DCF850) for 2021! On paper it seems to have respectable specifications at less than 4 in. in length, the Atomic 20V MAX 1/4 in. Brushless Cordless 3-Speed Impact Driver can handle tight applications like narrow cabinetry or
Multiple brand circular saw blades we’re run through our “NASTY SANDWICH” OF BUILDING MATERIALS comprised of lag fasteners, flashing, shingles and wood. only one circular saw blade makes it all the way through, so if you aren’t using diablo’s Tracking Point 7-1/4 in. x 24-Tooth Framing Circular Saw Blade You’re WASTING MONEY on CIRCULAR SAW
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We answer the question “who makes FLEX Power Tools?” The FLEX Slogan is “Flex it’s what’s next” but who is the company behind Flex, who owns flex and who is the company making the new FLEX 24V Brushless power tools? What good is the flex advantage if they don’t have a company behind them with
If you’re a woodworker, contractor, or even do DIY projects this is drill driver accessory kit you should use! We unbox and put to the test all the drill bits and accessories in the made in the USA Montana Brand SXT Deluxe Woodworker 25PC DRILL AND DRIVE SET (MB 63127) This deluxe woodworking set has
Milwaukee Tool took over two years from the time we first saw this new tool at NPS for 2019 until september 2021 to finally announce and release the new M18 Utility Remote Control Search Light Kit (2123- 21HD). Milwaukee Tool has also announced a new M18 FUEL Utility Fencing Stapler. All specs pricing and even
The #VeryCoolGang has been in communication with Milwaukee Tool since visiting with them in July 21 concerning their NPS New Product Symposium and Pipeline events for 2021! Those events are their in person and online events where they announce and launch new tools for the upcoming year! Milwaukee Tool wanted our opinion and ideas on
A lot of people in the construction and trades industry like to take shots at RYOBI and their tools, even DIY and homeowners seem embarrassed that they use Ryobi tools to complete their jobs. I don’t quite understand it, if it gets the job done and it’s at a price you can afford, then my
With the announcement of Makita’s 40Volt 80 Volt XGT line of tools the #VeryCoolGang have been uncertain if Makita’s 18/36 volt LXT line of tools would be supported in the future. You been wondering if you should buy the awesome tool deals we been sharing on the LXT line of tools, because cheap prices are