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One of the most exciting things I’ve ever experienced here on YouTube and being someone that reviews tools, is actually calling out Milwaukee Tool for the Flawed collet on their gen3 M18 fuel impact driver. ​ In case you’re unaware sometimes Milwaukee’s Gen2 M12 fuel impact driver can experience the same issue, but my impact
We got word through the #VeryCoolGang that a BIG change has been made to the FLEX line of tools and it seems that a new strategy has been put in place because Flex power tools has finally done it, but at what costs, and when is enough enough? #EnoughIsEnough #ToolDeals Get the HOTEST ToolTuber MERCH:
When working around Electricity can you be “Too Safe”? The #VeryCoolGang doesn’t think so! That’s why we’re showing you this inexpensive tool accessory that could potentially save your life. We made this video testing the CRESCENT APEX-CAEBH2CK-4 with eSHOK GUARD so you don’t have to. (No Really, don’t attempt these tests) The results from our
We HANDLED MAJOR FLAW with Milwaukee’s PACKOUT ROLLING BOX but some of the #VeryCoolGang thought that the Neat Tool’s inexpensive quick fix for Milwaukee PACKOUT Rolling Tool Box (48-22-8426) might cause more problems than was worth the solution. We headed to Philadelphia’s beautiful art museum which houses artwork from some of the most brilliant artists
The #VeryCoolGang got our hands on the top 5 Milwaukee tools on our wish list! These Milwaukee tools did not disappoint, they were very powerful and had tons of functions and features. Favorites were the M18 FUEL 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Brushless Oscillating Multi-Tool (2836-20), M18 FUEL ONE-KEY 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless 7/16 in. Hex Impact
What I'm about to share with the #VeryCoolGang is so #disturbing I almost didn't make this video!
DeWalt tools has been slow to release new tools to their 12 volt Xtreme platform, and when they have announced a new impact wrench and 5 amp hour battery they were extremely hard to find! The #VeryCoolGang started to ask if Dewalt was discontinuing the 12v max xtreme line of tools, so we did some
The #VeryCoolGang has finally found a solution to the most commented about frustrating problem with the Milwaukee Packout modular tool storage system! Quite frankly I’ll never understand why this Solution isn’t a feature on the Milwaukee PACKOUT Rolling Tool Box (48-22-8426) already! We found a “NEAT” Little inexpensive tool accessory that solves this huge problem!
The #VeryCoolGang has all the Specifications and pictures of the newest innovative workplace solution being developed and produced by Milwaukee Tool! I know with all my heart that countless research and development hours we’re spent with the trades people and mechanics that will use this ne Milwaukee Tool to earn a living and get their
The Moto #SafetyFirst is a moto near to my heart but the new Safety Gear, Hard hats and Accessories and the stylizing of some them is totally unnecessary! Yes these Milwaukee tools may keep you safe but at what cost? Where does this unnecessary need to be fashionable on the jobsite end, fancy yellow colors
The #VeryCoolGang gives you a look at the top 2 new ridgid tools for plumbers and pipefitters while  @Ohio Power Tool  We checked out the RIDGID B-500 Portable Pipe Beveller + Ridgid PipeSaw Kit w/ Cutting Head these 2 top tools make it much faster to cut metal pipe and bevel it for welding much
The #VeryCoolGang is #Shopping the best Milwaukee #ToolDeals that you asked for. The tool deal is limited time only so don’t miss out! Using our Links To score the tool Deals you want may earn VCG Construction a commission: https://shrsl.com/34sf7 Get the hottest MERCH in the ToolTuber game: https://vcgconstruction.com/store We answered your question from a
The #VeryCoolGang kept asking us to confirm the legitimacy of a new tool leaked by Dewalt tools! It would be their newest impact driver offering! We have picture and specifications of this new  @DEWALT TV  DCF850 impact driver but are they real? #DeWALTTOOLS #DeWALTTOUGH
The #VeryCoolGang met up with  @RIDGID Tools  while at the meetup  @Ohio Power Tool  at we saw the tool that every electrician and plumber needs on their job especially those that work with uni-strut! its the STRUTSLAYR Strut Shear Head and its a must have for tradespeople! (64058) (64053)
KNIPEX SUPER SIZES German Hand Tools! The #veryCoolGang got a look at all the newest Knipex Tools including Knipex Cobra XS, The Pliers Wrench, Knipex CoBolt S, StepCut, CutiX, TwinGrip and the Super Sized Knipex Cobra Water Pump Pliers and more! #handtools #toolsofthetrade
Snap On Mechanic Tries KOBALT XTR For The First Time (EXACTLY WHAT I EXPECTED) As a person that works on my vehicles as a “Do it Yourselfer” a really appreciate the vale to performance that the Kobalt XTR 24-Volt Max Variable Speed Brushless 1/2-in Drive Cordless Impact Wrench (Model #KXIW 1424A-03) has to offer. A
These two new tools from Milwaukee will allow you to make more money, extend your career in the trades, reduce fatigue allowing you to work longer, and will make you overall more safe on the jobsite! These 3 new product numbers from milwaukee tool have thoughtful innovation built in to them as well as give
The #VeryCoolGang gives you One Reason Milwaukee’s STANDARD TOOL BOX shouldn’t be overlooked for tool storage and transportation to and from the jobsite. Milwaukee tools packout modular storage tool box system may be the best modular tool storage system for professional contractors and tradespeople but we give you one key reason Milwaukee’s STANDARD TOOL BOX
New Milwaukee Tool M18 FUEL 21” Self Propelled battery powered lawn Mower (EVERYTHING WE CAN TELL YOU)  @Milwaukee Tool  has given the #VeryCoolGang 100 percent factual information and specifications on their New Milwaukee Tool M18 FUEL 21” Self Propelled lithium ion battery powered lawn Mower and we’re sharing it with you! they provided more information
DeWalt has finally fixed a huge flaw with their 20V max platform by filling a gaping hole in offerings that can be bought easily on their competitors platforms as well as their own 20V/60V FlexVolt platform! This is great news for tradespeople that use cordless tools and already have DeWalt 20 Volt max lithium ion