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No matter what anyone says, remodeling is NOT easy! Coming up with the design ideas alone can be time consuming while organizing the project itself is downright painful to the head. Even if you are remodeling a room or a house, sometimes the work criteria is the same and tasks mutual and crucially important, especially those

For some, a retirement community is an option, while other retirees choose to “age in place.” The oldest of the “baby boomers” started turning 65 back in 2011, and as the years have zipped by, more and more are getting ready to retire! While many are sure about how they want to spend their retirement

In last week’s blog post we talked about what it takes to make your home’s bathroom feel like the Spa at the Hershey Hotel! In our current blog post it’s the room in your house we want as beautiful as Caesar’s Palace but as functional as a Swiss army knife. Courtesy of the guys at

In this day and age, we’re all so sapped for time that we need to make every minute count. Maybe that’s why so many homeowners these days are exploring bathroom remodeling to transform what was once standard into spa-like retreats, so that even a quick shower becomes a soothing escape from day-to-day stresses. Bathroom Remodeling-

In today’s economy, many homeowners who are craving a change would rather remodel than sell their homes. After all, buying a new home is a major financial commitment, and there’s no guarantee the old one will sell anytime soon. Luckily, there’s one remodeling project that can pack an old home full of new life: let’s

Boost Home Value – 4 simple ways!

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Last week, we talked about some of the latest design trends when it comes to home remodeling. Remodeling itself can do a lot to boost home value, but the trick is to know the most efficient ways to do it. Obviously, you want the best return on your investment and time! Whether you’re a DIY

We may be through with January but there’s still plenty of time to carve out room for a New Year’s Resolution. And if you’re a DIY-nut who loves a good home improvement job, then a home remodeling goal is just the resolution you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for a fresh update through kitchen remodeling

One of the scariest things you could ever experience is having a drug addict in your home. Imagine contractors who would actually addict their work staff with drugs to manipulate them into doing their work at dirt cheap prices. I’ve also heard stories about contractors who would have their workers addicted to drugs simply to

When hiring a contractor for your renovation or building project a good practice is to get three competitive bids. In my opinion as an informed consumer you should not even consider a contractor to submit his proposal without seeing a certificate of the proper insurances. Liability insurance is very important but you should also require

I can’t stress this enough be very wary of contractors that do not give thorough estimates. Estimates that are missing line items or don’t give full explanations of materials that will be installed, or manner in which they will be installed cannot be compared accurately. This is the reason you should always require a detailed