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Today the #VeryCoolGuys show you how to plug your holes We review the #SLIMEproducts “tire tackle repair kit”. Watch as the guys make quick work of a stubborn flat tire and plug it to perfection. To plug your own hole:… Music: Tonez&Re-C – Kyoto by @TONEZPRO (OFFICIAL) Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported—

  The VeryCoolGuys ran into some impossible odds trying to install this new Honeywell air Purifier system. Will the air Purifier fit? Will they be able to finish on time?  Will Honeywell leave a comment and a like on this video? Have the #VeryCoolGuys finally met their match? Tune in to find out if they can

Nick and Vince sit down for a one on one exclusive interview about some of the “ins” and “outs” of VCG Construction. Topics include choosing the right contractor for your next project, a typical day at VCG and ……..

Cyber Monday Mission – Video – log

Wednesday, 30, November , 2016 by

This Cyber Monday the #VeryCoolGuys had to visit a Best Buy in our tri-state serving region for a quick “in & out” mission.  

We’ve written before about popular basement finishing ideas as well as the benefits of basement remodeling, but there are still some things you might not know about this popular home improvement. Finishing the basement frees up space, creates storage, and lets you create the kind of room you need from scratch. If you’re thinking about

Now that winter’s behind us, hopefully you’re starting to think about plans for spring and summer. Is bathroom remodeling part of your plans? If so, you probably have some misconceptions related to the process and cost of bathroom remodeling. Lots of people do! If bathroom remodeling is on your list of things to do this

If you’ve been keeping up with the news, you might have read last week about the home improvement contractor problem in New Jersey. According to the Associated Press, the state attorney general’s office issued violation notices against 223 home improvement contractors in 2015. The attorney general is seeking more than $2.56 million in penalties. That’s

In the last decade, the reality-TV show about home remodeling has exploded in popularity. If you enjoy that kind of show, you have plenty to choose from: House Hunters, This Old House, Rehab Addict, American Dream Builders, and the list goes on! Like any reality-TV show, the word “reality” gets blurred by the need to

Confronted with limitless possibilities when kitchen remodeling, some homeowners don’t spend enough time thinking about materials. No material is inherently good or bad. Actually, they all bring their benefits and pitfalls to the table. It’s all about thinking in terms of daily application: Will this material hold up in the long haul in my kitchen,

So far this summer, we’ve already seen one or two storms wallop the area, leading to leaky roofs, fallen trees, and other costly damages. What many Main Line residents don’t know is that home improvement scams are pretty widespread here, particularly in the wake of major storms like these. To verse yourself in the many