Family Room Remodeling

VCG Construction family room remodeling

Are you looking to refurbish your old, boring family room?VCG Construction family room remodeling

Hire VCG, the trusted Philadelphia construction company, for the job. We’ll make every step of the remodeling process easy for you and your family.


First, we’ll help you brainstorm how you’d like your new and improved family room to look. We’ll show you examples of past projects to give you some ideas and provide any suggestions we may have for you. Ultimately, we’ll give you the final say on every detail of your design plan.


VCG Construction realizes that many home remodeling contractors are less than honest with their customers. They tend to add unexpected fees throughout the project and disregard the original budget completely. However, VCG is different. We take the time to construct a detailed, accurate budget that doesn’t leave any room for surprises. We guarantee that your final project cost will be at or even under our original estimate.


In addition to honesty, we here at VCG Construction also believe in quality. In order to make your family room an attractive, comfortable space, we’ll use only the finest materials available. We’ll collaborate with known brands such as Tech lighting, and Kitchler to bring you the best products at the lowest prices. From designer light fixtures to natural stone imbedded with beautiful patterns, we’ll offer you the most exclusive accessories for remodeling your family room.


When people walk into your family room, we want them to be amazed at how great it looks. That’s why we pay close attention to detail and make sure every aspect of your remodeling job is done with precision. Using our artistic experience, we’ll do everything we can to make your family room look exactly as you envisioned it.


Do you like what you see? Hire the home remodeling contractor Philadelphia residents rely on for family room renovation. Call us today at 888-936-7824 to start taking advantage of our numerous services:

• Remodeling advice
• Planning
• Estimates


Whether you live in Center City, on the Main Line, or on the New Jersey Shore, make VCG Construction your choice for family room remodeling.